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Real Estate Financing Toolbox

We want to share with you the most common and useful creative financing tools. They will help build you real estate portfolio faster, more consistently, and with a better long-term result.

Know Your Numbers to Flip Properties

So you want to flip a house? Is it the chunks of money that makes you drool? Do you like taking an idea and making it happen? Are you a great problem solver? In this free video series you will go through a simple 1-sheet calculator and then we will elevate to an excel spreadsheet that will help you to understand more fulling how to see the boundaries of the numbers. This course is complete with downloadable excel file AND a bonus case study.

Momentum Mentoring

This 4 month mentorship is designed to put you on the path to financial freedom. It’s a look into the day to day life of what it really takes to be a real estate investor, it’s just what you need to begin creating a life you love and that provides time and money freedom for you.


Happy Words From Happy WREN Members

"The Real Estate toolbox five part webinar has completely opened my thinking to so many possibilities! I have been struggling for years on how to become an Investor in Real Estate. Buy and Hold properties just seemed so difficult. How do you find the properties, where do I get the money to invest, how do you start? This was the mantra that would cycle through my mind and basically paralyze me from taking Action. Finding and joining Wren and then purchasing the Toolbox webinar was the best two things I could have done. Each of the five parts is taught by women who just blew me away. They all are so professional. They each layout an organized, comprehensive hour long presentation. Step by step with simple real examples. Each tool presented opened up for me possibilities that I never knew. I have reviewed each segment two or three times, each time gaining more knowledge. Now I am ready to attack. I have clear goals, a strategy, confidence and knowledge that success is impossible not to reach. If this webinar was in book form, my book would look well loved – highlighted everywhere, page corners turned down and frayed from all the attention.. Instead these pearls of wisdom are in my imaginary pocket that I can continue to rub for confidence. ”
- Kim Petroff
"HI ladies and Greg! So, this happened this past Sunday, I WON a house at an auction! As you all know our assignment has been to place offers, offers, offers! I had been scouring online sites for deals and I found this little 2/1 for $475K that needed a lot of work so I set up a time to see it and found out it was a probate house that would be auctioned off in 2 weeks. I did tons of research and drove myself crazy trying to figure out the numbers, which I’m still not 100% sure about but decided to go and have an experience. I went, took a cashier’s check, my mom for support and was ready to be an observer and learn. I told myself that I’d raise my hand for the starting number and then play it by ear. I honestly didn’t think I’d get it at all as there were people that arrived in their fancy cars. I thought I’d be outbid for sure, but I was not and to my surprise as you see below, I WON! I could not believe it! I’m excited, grateful, at peace and a little nervous. I’m currently in escrow and beginning the conversation with the hard money lender(s) and will probably also need some PML. So excited! Thank you Deborah Razo and Cortney Jones for the encouragement and push!"
- Abilia Barraza
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