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Know Your Numbers Financial Calculator:Brief

I’m so excited to share with your a very important tool when making decisions on purchasing property. We are going to talk about the financial calculator. How do you calculate mortgage payments with all the different terms? I’m gonna show you. Learn to use this powerful tool and you will be equip for running number on all your projects. Please note we are going to concentrate on 2 functions of this powerful tool: Mortgages that are amortized (what does that mean? it means a debt is reduce or paid off with regular payments over time) Second function we will learn is interest only loans.

Know Your Number to Buy & Hold Property

Start by identifying the problem you’re solving. Next, present how their life will be different with the solution you’re providing. Finally, explain why you’re uniquely positioned to provide this solution.

Getting Started In Real Estate Recordings

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Success Cycle – Case Study

Yes! The Success Cycle applied to any asset class of real estate works!  These are the four components of the Success Cycle: Potential, Action, Results, Belief another word for that would be "certainty."

Real Estate Basic Training

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Everything you ever needed to know about real estate investing, but were afraid to ask.

Know Your Numbers to Flip Properties

So you want to flip a house? Is it the chunks of money that makes you drool? Do you like taking an idea and making it happen? Are you a great problem solver? In this free video series you will go through a simple 1-sheet calculator and then we will elevate to an excel spreadsheet that will help you to understand more fulling how to see the boundaries of the numbers. This course is complete with downloadable excel file AND a bonus case study.

Real Estate Financing Toolbox

We want to share with you the most common and useful creative financing tools. They will help build you real estate portfolio faster, more consistently, and with a better long-term result.

Real Estate Multiplier – First 3 Lessons

Real Estate Multiplier From one to many, for people who want to up their game! Once you get that idea in your head of the freedoms you want in your life, it’s hard to get it out.

Real Estate Multiplier – 10 Courses

Do you want to accelerate your real estate returns and live your wealthy life NOW?
Go From One to Many… Multiply Your Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate Multiplier Secrets

When you’re growing your portfolio, it’s a different real estate game. • Secrets of creating a system that will multiply your portfolio without multiplying the number of hours you work.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

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